FD Games

These board games, originally marketed as 'Fleur Designs', are a collection of miniature games in two series: new designs as third-millennium games and classic games brought up to date. In addition there were three full-size games and plans for a mega-game that has (so far) not been produced.

The third-millennium games include RoCo, t'other (also produced as 'Wars of the Roses'), Chiaroscuro, diversion, Hep, Wiggul (originally Squiggle), RithmaSpace, Xephyr.

Mini classic games are Five (based on Ludo), HexAgon (a much extended version of a victorian game), Maldon (a modern take on the many versions of Tafl), Surakarta (a Javanese game), Qiddle (from the game found at Ur).

Two of the full-sized games use four boards the size of the miniature boards to make one playing area. The games are Krikos (a version of circular chess) and Rithmomachia. The third game was FourSquare which used the same miniature boards but, within the game, boards could be moved, turned, and removed or added to the game to make an ever-changing playing area. As there were (at least) six board designs, and no limit to the number of boards or players in a game, the permutations were endless.

The mega-game, though more limited than FourSquare, was planned to consist of three distinct games, each based on one of the three Alice stories (Underground, Wonderland, and Looking-glass), with the boards from all three games capable of being re-arranged into a fourth (or more) game. Although the individual ludemes (gameplay) were designed and tested the project stalled at the artwork stage and died following a hard-drive crash.

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